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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 24, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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businesses, a storefront church. >> it was on top of the water main when a blue. it blew up in the air. >> at about 4:00, the point where it through the worst of center across the parking lots and then out on the beltway. many cars were stuck for up to two hours. >> i am already running late. this is not good. >> it normally takes about half an hour, but it has been an hour and a half. it has been a complete mess. >> official said it will be a while before the exact cause of the rupture is known. such failures have been blamed on a rusting, reinforcing wire, or aids. this pipe was about 40 years old. it took five hours to close
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enough of dolls to control the flow. -- valves to control the flow. >> the fear is that there could be contamination because it is not fully pressurized. >> this is an actual piece of the section of the pipe that broke. you can see the lines on here. it came off -- it looks like it came off of a charcoal grill. it is brown because it is rusted. an official calls will take some time, this is the expectation that there was brushed -- rust inside the reinforcing wire. the pressure is too much and the pipe blew out. >> we have seen that before. let stake in the area.
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-- let's stay in the area. >> what a mess this water main break left. this is what you see. a lot of glass at my feet, at a frame from an office door. on this side of me, there were office chairs, thanks to another office, and a church that was destroyed. >> this storefront was pushed apart, soaked in sight. >> everything was completely devastated. it is amazing that it does not look at the same place. >> this was the family life and worship center. the pastor was walking through what was left after the rushing water from deep water main break this morning. >> it is devastating when you know what the sanctuary looked
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like and you see it now. everything is ok. >> her place is flooded. >> out of all the things and the world, i still have my door. i still have my electricity. >> speaking of doors, i just found this door. it is a door to a car that made its way all the way down the parking lot. as far as the church does, the pastor says they will meet tonight to try to figure out where they will worship later on this week. >> a lot of cleanup still to be done. the last time we saw a water main break compared to this was in december -- was in december of 2008. in comparison, there are road water main was 66 inches.
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release 35 million gallons of water. today's water main, 54 inches and it released 58 million gallons of water. quite a bit -- quite a bit bigger. the prince prince -- the prince george's county has issued a boil water alert. >> that is no joke. very serious. at the bitter cold temperatures have a impact today on the water main break and be clean up afterward. but turn now to our chief meteorologist. he is standing by in our weather center. >> it is cold. the temperatures tonight to be a big improvement over last night. a few clouds are rolling and. it will keep temperatures warmer.
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five in manassas, seven at the airport. we will be in the 20-28 range. tomorrow, a nice day. on wednesday, that is the next troublemaker. a storm system moves east along the gulf coast. we will tell you what affects the expected costs are viewing area. tandem -- for more, make sure you go to >> we want to turn to a developing story of a suspected terrorist attack in moscow. a suicide bomber is being blamed for a deadly blast at a moscow airport today. it killed 35 people and injured more than 100 today. >> one survivor said he believed
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he saw the bomber. a man was carrying a suitcase that caught fire. there was a light and a blast that through everyone to the ground. after the explosion, panic set in. the bomb that decimated -- that detonated moskow's busiest airports and injured more than 150 people. officials say it was an act of terrorism. the work from a suicide bomber. >> i would like to express my condolences to relatives of the victims. >> russian officials said it was a homemade device pact with metal shrapnel. the bomb was unleased at the entrance of the international arrivals terminal. crowds of people stood waiting for passengers. witnesses described glass falling from the ceiling. airport employees started breaking down walls to get the injured out. >> we need to make sure that
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those who suffered did the required support. >> the world community condemned the attack. the united states government said that it had no information that any americans were injured. >> we condemn the terrorist attack that we saw today in russia. we stand with the people of russia at this moment. we offer our deepest sympathies to the families and loved ones of those injured and killed. >> robert gibbs read a statement from the president. >> machel and i offer our deepest condolences to give the russian people will have suffered greatly at the hands of terrorism. >> security questions were raised at the same airport in 2004. two suicide bombers were able to board planes. the wind blew themselves up mid air, killing all 90 passengers. also developing, but the man
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believed to be the person behind a deadly shooting of two officers in st. petersburg, fla., is dead tonight. the suspect was found dead of officers went into the house six hours after the initial shootout. officers went to that hold up this morning to arrest the 39- year-old. he opened fire. >> a woman was able to get out of a burning house fire in oxon hill. the man inside did not make its. he died in the house fire. we are live from the scene in oxon hill. >> that woman that you mentioned managed to escape from the fire by jumping from the second-floor window. the man they called, action jackson, found himself inside.
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that the man who lived there died in the fire was devastating. >> it is a terrible scene. >> action jackson loved his home, taking care of his yard, chopping wood for his fireplace. >> he loved to burn the fireplace. >> well fire officials do not know what -- exactly how the home caught fire, but neighbors says it was smoke that woke up his friend. >> she could not find him. she said that she smelled smoke and she woke up and started running. >> all she could say to me was that, i tried. he is in there. i tried to save him. >> officials later said they discovered his body in the basement. his neighbors watched the house burned. >> as if i wished that he would
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come down to the flames. like in the movies. it did not happen like that. >> firefighters called this an extremely fierce fire. they confirm that it started in the basement. it took about 34 firefighters to put it out. no word on the cause. a man suspected of raping two women in arlington has been -- the 36-year-old ronald perry berton turned himself in the last night. investigators believe that dna will also link into a similar tack back in 2008. that occurred just a few blocks away. a terrific interstate crashed.
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this was caught on tape. >> a surprise invitation from a royal wedding. >> palin story led police to the murder suspect. >> the annual march for life led to the supreme court today. but their real hope lies in the
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it has been 30 years since the supreme court decision in the roe versus wade case legalized abortion in the united states. the emotion surrounding the case are still just as strong. >> the animal marches and rallies took place in washington, d.c. >> there are no abortion cases pending before the u.s. supreme court. the makeup has not significantly changed since sonia sotomayor replaced justice john paul stevens. what has changed is the makeup of this congress. that is what pro-life forces are banking on. from the d.c. armory, open for
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the first time this year to 10,000 pro like teenagers, to the pre-march rally on the mall. >> we are the next generation. we want these babies to have life. >> right to life marched once again on washington. >> there is hope and there are other options. >> 8790 congressmen that i've been elected this year are pro- life. t of the 90 congressmen have been elected this year are pro-life. >> november was not the answer, it was the first step. >> three bills have been introduced in the house already.
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as they moved up the hill, to the supreme court, debate ignited with a small pro-choice group. >> i am terrified. this is the only thing i can do right now. >> these marchers still hoping that after 38 years, to change those beliefs. the senate and president obama are still very much pro-choice. those lawmakers told the crowd that they will keep fighting to end abortion once and for all. tonight, up 40 said they have a confession from the woman accused of kidnapping a newborn
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more than two decades ago. a federal judge in new york ordered her to remain in jail on kidnapping charges. she admitted that she took 19- year-old from a new york hospital back in 1987. she said she had suffered several miscarriages. she is now an adult and she questioned her identity and recently found this baby picture on the center for missing and exploited children website. >> that photo looks close to one that i had of me. i might be that child, i am not sure. >> dna evidence confirmed that she was the biological daughter barrett the family just assumed that the baby was hers because she appeared pregnant at the time. a crash that triggered a 40-car pile up on rhode island
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-- in rhode island caught on tape. check this out bread a tractor- trailer loses control. it crosses into the center guardrail and onto incoming traffic. a woman who stepped out for a car after the pile up, she was struck and killed by an oncoming car. no one else was hurt. can you imagine how bad that would have been? look at bats. >> unbelievable. >> i read an interview they had with a driver. he credits the fact that he plays video games a lot. i did not have the dexterity. >> we do not necessarily recommend that people do that. >> very scary. cavanaugh our concerns develop
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around wednesday. we are still feeling like most we will see is what snow and rain. it should not have a major impact. this is our camera. clear skies and temperatures are andy cinko numbers this morning. -- clear skies and temperatures and single numbers this morning. below this morning for laurel was 10. 29 degrees at riggs national. -- at a break-in at national. these are some cold numbers. not a record territory, but
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bitterly cold all the same. we will see the numbers come up a little bit. 294 costs. we will see temperatures tomorrow for us in the mid 40's. here it is developing along the gulf coast. it will move along the coast and then up the east coast during the day on wednesday. computer models all have different ideas and solutions. that would before the storm to come up in an area that would bring most of our area either what stoat or rain with barely a minimal impact. this system is out, but generally a quiet night. tomorrow, we will have a little bit of sunshine.
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we think this is a pretty good solution for what we will deal with on wednesday. when the system goes out, we have the possibility of a little bit colder air turning back into some snow across the metro area. this is a 9-95 storm. -- i-95 storm. like tonight, partly cloudy and cold. through the afternoon, we will warming to the mid 40's. we will call for that mix of rain and snow throughout the day wednesday. if you are away from your television, no problem. click on >> we will check it out. >> coming up, the day before the
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oscar nominations are unveiled, arch campbell has his predictions for this year. >> you do not want to miss that. the virginia highway a lot that one lawmaker wants to change. it will affect the way all of us drive. save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea.
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at the suspect in the arizona at shooting appeared in a courtroom today. >> jared loughner face the judge there. gabrielle giffords faced a setback in her recovery process. we have the latest on that. >> doctors say there is no sign of infection. they detected a buildup of fluid on the congresswoman's brain. the person accused of shooting her and killing others face the judge today. pleaded noter's guilty to three federal charges, including trying to assassinate congressman gabrielle giffords. he is accused of opening fire during her public appearance outside a tucson supermarket january 8.
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federal authorities are trying to figure out the motive behind the rampage. the cumbersome and's has spent is not sure we will ever know. >> i do not think we will surely ever understand thank you and the house -- the why and the how. prosecutors and defense attorneys say that his mental health could play a role in this case. >> we got some weird vibes from him. >> there is also been a development in regards to the congresswoman, he was been transferred to reduce to hospital. recovery has been considered nothing short of remarkable, her rehabilitation has been delayed due to fluid buildup on the brain. as for the suspect, he is
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expected to face a lot more charges. those charges could be filed between 30 and 45 days. >> coming up, a settlement reached in the case awaiting -- there is been a new addition to the d.c. neighborhood. >> a suspect is arraigned in the death of a young woman missing since last august. death of a young woman missing since last august.
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that you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> be on your side tonight with a new list of the best and worst highway safety laws. >> d.c. is at the top, you know that. maryland comes in at number five. virginia since toward the bottom of the worst state's list. one virginia lawmaker is proposing a new law that would change how we all drive in virginia. we are live in arlington tonight. >> it obviously involved cell phones. it is already to the legal -- a legal to text and drive. it is not illegal to talk on the cellphone. one state lawmaker says it is time to put that be deported
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back the way it was. holding a phone and driving is not against the law in virginia. a new proposal would prohibit virginia drivers' from using a cell phone at all what the car is moving. >> i think it would be a good rule. it would make the streets more safer. >> she makes her phone calls before she gets on the road. >> if you need to talk to someone, you need to pull over. >> with some of the worst ingestion in the country, you need to be able to communicate. >> virginia lawmakers should create a compromise and implement a handsfree lot. >> if you have a bluetooth, i did not see a problem with that. >> effort bill becomes law,
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using a cell phone would get you a ticket of up to $500. >> some drivers say that distracted driving is the problem. >> people are drinking coffee, eating. >> the other aspect of this, a lot of people talked about, one of the aspects is how you enforce it. it will be difficult for law enforcement to see. 10 am -- a pedestrian -- a pedestrian is expected to survive after a car hit 10 in falls church this morning. the victim had has suffered some upper body injuries. the vehicles stayed there at the scene.
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we have no word on any charges will be filed. metro is back on track to 9 after major morning delays. workers delivered track rails during the red line station and near the blue line, but they went to the spot and repaired the craft lines. cold weather and inadequate maintenance could be a factor. the repairs are complete and the trains are back on schedule. a man accused of killing a d.c. mother appeared in court today. he is giving the details about the crime. she went missing last summer. her sister started receiving threatening messages on facebook. we are live from superior court with new details. >> we just left the courtroom.
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we had a story on the victim's case, a missing young woman. somebody decided to tell what a new. last august, they were walking by this building when the suspect walked out and told them that he had just killed somebody he said, tish. they also had a second witnesses said he witnessed him strangling her inside the apartment. family members survive this afternoon seeking to learn how the 18-year-old died. court papers told a disturbing story about how blog -- how last august, three females beat her and the suspect choked her to death. as family members -- we saw this man. he put his arms around the
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victim's mother and aqueduct -- and offered to help search for his daughter. a neighbor confronted him. according to police, he confessed that he knew the teenager was dead, but help dispose of for body. he confessed that two days later, he helped with her body in trash bags and dumper in the dumpster. >> how can you do something like that? that is heartless. >> police have not yet recovered the body. they are looking at landfills.
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they are looking for other suspects in this case. they are looking for other suspects. as for a motive, police say that he told them that he choked her because he thought she has stolen some money from some of his friends. time now for the traffic situation. >> it looks like you'll see no delays here on the beltway. all morning, there was that major water main break. however, everything is moving just fine right now. take a look at the american legion. bridge. 270 northbound has suddenly become a parking lot in some places. at one point, we had up to three crashes on the 270.
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things are moving significantly better. after that, the pace improves, getting up towards frederick. if you are traveling in virginia, not a bad day. 95 southbound it's the day off. wise sleeping in on the weekend could help your child's weight. >> to do you like at the oscars this year? the nominations are right in the morning. i will make some predictions. >> some of the best small cities in the country, they're right here in the d.c. metro region.
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it is going to be a big day in hollywood tomorrow. >> arch campbell is here with his predictions. they are usually right on target. >> are you going to check me out tomorrow and see how i do? >> you are always a winner with us.
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>> takes notes on this. hollywood will get up early in the morning for the annual oscar nominations. speech" pulled a surprise when at the production guilt. >> do you know any jokes? >> timing is not my strong suit. >> it could land the most nominations, especially for chapter -- actor colin firth. >> i believe i deserve some recognition. >> the social network has won best picture in most competition so far. >> look at the size of that guy. >> "bea fighter" should make the best picture list. natalie portman continues as the
5:42 pm
favorites actress. "true grit" got left out of the golden globes. oscar night arrived february 27. this week, no strings attached one the box office. >> those nominations are important in the morning because they may give some boost to some little thing in the films. "127 hours" and "inception." so we will see. >> are these films being
5:43 pm
released after the announcement? >> yes. that is what it is all about. >> we will check tomorrow. thank you. >> coming up, what happened when the vice-president joe biden got called for jury duty? >> georgia royal wedding in a bite that many people were not expecting. we
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the wait is finally over. the city's newly renovated public library opened on wisconsin avenue to a very eager crowd this morning after six years of construction. >> with readers counting them down, library leaders and city leaders cut the ribbon to welcome residents to their brand new library building. >> a long delay, she stopped to shake hands with mayor vincent gray.
5:47 pm
>> a lot of fun things, the library. that is how it works. >> for six years, neighbors have had to be patient. >> we used to sit over at the restaurant and watched this go from may a hole and we watched it grow and grow and grow. >> 832 computers and making the building environmentally friendly. while the building's matter, what really matters is what goes on inside those buildings. >> community leaders hope the new space will encourage reading for younger generations. >> a lot of people meet here. there is a community atmosphere.
5:48 pm
>> the $13.5 million renovation is one of several happening. next is the petworth library, scheduled to open next month. >> we have new evidence that obese children might be falling behind. a steady suggest that children should sleep in on the weekends. children of all weights -- when they looked at sleep direction, they found that obese children got an average of 20 minutes less sleep than children who were at a healthy weight. cannot the royal wedding is cup -- cannot the royal wedding is coming up. vice-president joe biden still has to fulfill his civic duty, it turns out. the vice president was called for jury duty in delaware today.
5:49 pm
he was not picked for a jury. last week, at elena kagan was called for jury duty in d.c., but she was not chosen. >> i wonder how that worked out. at the royal wedding is just announced, three months away. a somewhat surprising addition that has been made to the guest list. many view as sarah ferguson as the black sheep of the royal family. insiders say that prince william insisted that she received an invitation. it seems that the same to be newlyweds are considering choosing william's boy good home as the royal residence. >> that is not a bad option. i may not have a
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badge, but i will tell you this, like it or not, i am your sidekick. >> but the sidekick always gets killed. timeout let's check in with doug and find out what the temperatures are looking like. >> we will catch a little bit of a break here. a bit of a break. let's take a look at our whether boggs. -- weather bug. annapolis was down to 15 degrees this morning. it warms up. other temperatures at the moment, the district at 28. 26 in annapolis, we are watching
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the texas-louisiana gulf coast crude that is where a system is gaining significant strength. been dietrich is trying to figure out what effect it will have on us. -- that track is trying to figure out what effect it will have on us. one computer model suggest that iran will be the main story locally. they did that rain will be the main story locally. west of the metro area -- this is the map depiction or 7:00. there could be measurable snow north of gaithersburg. a lot to still be determined. we will stay on top of that tomorrow tomorrow will be gorgeous. that is the very latest.
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you looked vaguely familiar. it is good to have you back. it is so good to see you. the super bowl is set. green bay is 3 points over the steelers. we can only hope that the super bowl is as good as those two games yesterday. one team is relatively new to the super bowl scene. >> i am numb. >> the other is going for its third title in six years. the steel is jumped out to a 24 lead and held out to win its 24- 19. >> we will not complain about style points. a lot of awesome effort by a lot of people. >> the packers lead by 14-0.
5:53 pm
>> we completed 12 quarters. we're fired up and ready. " the quarterback matchup is sure to be topic number one. he has two super bowl rings, but was suspended the first four games of the season. he was never charged. >> karen rogers waited his turn in green bay. he will make his first super bowl appearance ever. >> this is what i dreamt about as a kid. >> the packers won the first two super bowls. the steelers, they won a record six. let the hype began. >> we have had a unique journey. the 32 games sets -- the teams that start this journey, we were
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fortunate enough to be left. it is awesome. >> the packers are the early favorites. there is a lot to talk about tonight. what a great weekend. tonight. what a great weekend.
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royal caribbean international. cruises from baltimore, starting at $65 per day. visit today. the mayor lost his dog has reached a settlement with prince george's county. >> they mistakenly raided his home and held him at gunpoint. we have details on the settlement. >> the settlement includes monetary damages, but the mayor says it includes reform. it will make sure that this does not happen again. >> we got marshall ended august, right after the raids. he is the sweetest dog i have ever met.
5:58 pm
he has greyhound in him. >> despite the joy that the dogs have brought his family, the mayor says nothing will replace payton and chase. a swat team killed the two dogs after storming into his home without a proper warrant. he was innocent. >> the government violates you. it is very personal. >> he reached an agreement with the county, he says it will approve the use of swat teams in three clear ways. they will only deployed in situations of clear danger. team members will be trained in serving warrants. accountable established guidelines for the humane treatment of animals. >> we give them a bad, a gun. they should not be quick to pull
5:59 pm
that trigger. >> the county -- best practices will be established. that is all for it abc 7 news at 5:00. the waterst 6:00 , have calmed down after a massive water main break tore through at county, rep in parts of it to shreds. the cleanup begins tonight. inside the blast of a moscow airport. qualcomm -- why russian leaders are planning terrorist. >> this will go to the next level. he vows to fight for his chicago mayor. captioned by the national captioning institute >>


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